Went there for a ACL reconstructive surgery and a clean up of the meniscus, and they were great. Dr. Dold was straight to the point, cleared up any questions I had and gave me some options on how or if I wanted the surgery. Being a football player and coach having my ACL is pretty important haha. The facility is clean, staff was friendly, and the nurses and doctors were professional. If you need ACL surgery I highly recommend Dr. Dold, he doesn't beat around the bush and gets straight to the point. Also if you want picture or a video of your surgery let him know ahead of time, he got me amazing pictures and I could see how beat up my knee was and where the tear was. Overall if I could give them a 10/10 I would.

Cody Gutierrez

I had struggled with hip pain for years, also misdiagnosed by so many doctors, including orthopedics!?. Finally got in to see Dr. Dold - he is genuinely great. I’m 6 months out from arthroscopic hip surgery for a bad labrum tear and impingement, back to exercise without pain for the first time in years. Thank you Doctor!!!


My son had ACL/MCL/Meniscus surgery with Dr. Dold. From the first consultation, to the surgery, to the follow up appointments, to the clearance appointment months later, all of our interactions with Dr. Dold exceeded our expectations. Through his knowledge, expertise, caring nature, availability by cellphone for post surgery/recovery questions; we know we picked the right doctor for our son and would confidently recommend him to others. A 5 Star experience!

~ Heather Howe

Dr Dold is a rock star. He did both of my wife's shoulders with excellent results. He is knowledgeable, kind, considerate, and efficient. I highly recommend Dr Dold.

~ Chris C. (Yelp)

Dr. Dold is great. I am a Crossfit athlete who required shoulder surgery about 18 months ago (my fault) . I was referred to Dr. Dold and I could not be happier. Dr. Dold is professional, super knowledgable about current procedures, success rates, etc. and was very open about my options. My surgery went great and I consider my shoulder 100% (note: I am 46 years old). In addition to the above, I chose Dr. Dold as he is an athlete himself and understood my challenges, goals, and mindset.

~ Chad L.

Dr Dold is an amazing surgeon. I had hip surgery March 2017 and not only did he repair all that was injured but I had minimal pain afterwards. His aftercare instructions were very detailed and not just for immediately after surgery but also for the next 6 months. I knew going into this surgery that it would take a while to recover but with his protocol in hand, I always knew what was on the horizon and what to work towards with my Physical Therapist. I would recommend him to anyone who needs Ortho surgery!

Katie Pham


I had a hip impingement. Dr. Dold removed the bone spurs and sewed my frayed labrum. He did an awesome job. I healed very quickly despite being 48 years old and can do everything I could do before the bone spurs became a problem. I will see him for my knees in the future.

~ David Brown

Dr. Dold is an amazing orthopedic surgeon & has always been very straightforward and understanding when it came to my care. He listened to my concerns as it relates to the shoulder pain I was having, and didn't simply dismiss the symptoms as "arthritis" (which had been previously diagnosed). Instead, he believed I had a tear in my tendon & recommended that I get an MRI to confirm, which I did. Once the true cause of the pain was confirmed, he fully explained all of my options & then performed the surgery to repair my SLAP tear, as soon as I was ready to have it done. I genuinely recommend Dr. Andrew Dold for any orthopedic need you may have!

~ Lisa Pollard

I ripped the tendons from my pelvis & detached all 3 of my hamstrings in Oct 17. Later told by other MD's my injury is rare/hard to diagnosis I am blessed I found him. First visit without a MRI he knew what was wrong b/c he LISTENS so well! Surgery was a total success and 2.5 months later I'm doing more physical exercise than before the injury. He is a highly skilled surgeon, compassionate, kind, & hears every detail you tell him which allows him to fix the root cause that other MD's can't find

~ Danette Greensage

Dr.Dold is probably the best medical physician I’ve been, he pushes you to grow and overcome an injury, he has a goal to help you get back to top condition for the sport you play, with his help and how he executed the surgery. Dr. Dold reconstructed my knee - ACL and meniscus and helped me recover to my knowledge faster then he’s ever seen. I extremely recommend Dr. Dold to help YOU with any sport related injuries because I know he will take care and support you in the long run.

~ Jonathan Allen

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